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WELCOME! Panoverse360 is a newly formed company based in North Yorkshire. The motivation for starting the company came from a desire to help institutions survive the Covid-19 pandemic through virtual tours.

Virtual tours are a relatively new technology that allow users to navigate your venue in 360 degrees in a similar way to Google Street View but indoors. These have become more popular within sectors such as Real Estate, Health and Leisure as a tool for marketing.

Panoverse360 takes this one step further and implements technology that allows virtual tours to include an interactive element. This means that viewers will not only be able to walk through the venue but can interact with objects in a variety of ways.

For example, some hotspots include photos, albums, video, pdf, workbooks, audio and games. We can transform these tours so that they incorporate live guided functionality – allowing a tour guide to host a video call within the tour itself in real time.

Essentially, we believe that virtual tours can form the basis of an educational medium in their own right - lending itself perfectly to institutions such as museums, art galleries, educational facilities, libraries and heritage sites - although we can of course create more traditional tours for any sector.

At Panoverse360, we enjoy the creative side of working with you to design inspiring tours, using the very best technology, for your visitors.

Do you think your venue would benefit from having a virtual tour?

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